Petition to Recall Commissioner Dennis Linthicum Filed With Klamath County Clerk

The Chief Petitioner is listed as Sharron L. Biggs of Malin, Or.

The petition reads as follows:

"Commissioner Dennis Linthicum has failed to listen to the constituents of Klamath County on issues vital to our economy and to the benefit of our citizens. Examples are; lack of support for the county trapper, the Meals on Wheels for our senior citizens, funding for our Sheriff's Department, water issues for the Klamath Basin, etc."


In an exclusive interview with Klamath Online, Ms. Biggs described herself as a concerned citizen with a lot of people supporting her in this recall effort.

Ms. Biggs told us there are several reasons she filed the recall petition; she was present at the budget committee meeting when the Senior Center was asking for money for the Meals on Wheels program, and was extremely upset at the "crazy" remarks that the Commissioners were making like the Burger King comment, "that was just outrageous", she said.

Ms. Biggs stated the she has a large group of people  supporting the recall, and they are all upset at the Commissioners for their lack of support for the Klamath County Sheriff, the Trapper, and the dismissive attitude the Commissioners treat the citizens with. Ms. Biggs said, " They have $2 million dollars in reserve, and we cannot understand why they refuse to use it for these vital services. We don't understand why their priority is to save money instead of saving the lives and property of our citizens or the economy of our small rural community." She added, " Our law enforcement community should be given the money they need to keep some of these criminals locked up and keep the citizens safe."

Ms. Biggs said, "We are all very angry at the cruel remarks and the disrespectful way the Commissioners have treated the people that employ them." She added, " I have never been involved in something like this before, but I have been fuming and fuming over these things, and talking to other people in Klamath, and there are many other people that feel the same way."

We feel all 3 Commissioners, by their conduct, have proven that they do not have the level of knowledge or expertise to adequately perform the responsibilities of their positions.

Ms. Biggs said, "If I could have taken a petition out to recall all 3 I would have, but state law doesn't allow the 2 new Commissioners to be recalled for 6 months, which is the beginning of July. There is another group that will be filing petitions against Bellet and Mallams as soon as the law permits, because those 2 have ignored over 15,000 citizens that have signed petitions telling them not to sign the agreement with Cascade. (Klamath Online will feature this group in an upcoming story). Once that group files their petitions, we will help them as well."

Ms. Biggs said she has individual citizens talking to her all the time about recalling the 3 Commissioners, but there are also very large groups that have committed to support the recall as well. She said the topic comes up all the time, "I recently walked into a coffee shop where someone just came up and started talking to me about this. So many people are telling me that they think the County leadership is just messed up. The conversation happens all the time, everywhere I go. That is why I felt compelled to start the recall against Commissioner Linthicum, and put myself out there in ways I have never done before."

Everyone keeps saying the same thing, that they (the Commissioners) just don't listen to the people, and they are rude to them.

Ms. Biggs explained that they need about 3,500 signatures to qualify for the ballot, but plans to collect about 4,000 signatures to make sure they have enough.

She said, "Based on the casual conversations I have had with other people, I have not come across one person that hasn't said we need to recall them, so I am confident we will have the 4,000 signatures we need before the deadline."

Ms. Biggs closed the interview saying, "We work so hard to do our job and earn a living, and things are just so stressful right now because of these 3 Commissioners."

Linda Smith, Klamath County Clerk, provided the following details, and timeline for the recall petition filed May 9th:

The Recall Cover Sheet, SEL 350, and Local Recall Signature Sheet, SEL 351, are sufficient to start the recall process.  They will be approved for circulation once the Statement of Organization and Campaign Account Information are filed with the Elections Division, Secretary of State’s Office.

Here is information regarding this petition:

1)      The campaign finance forms mentioned above must be filed before approval can be given to gather signatures, but at least within 3 days of receiving or spending any money;

2)      The forms must be copied as double-sided forms, with the Cover Sheet on the front and the Signature Sheet on the back;

3)      You, as Chief Petitioner, must submit all signature sheets;

4)      When submitting the signatures for verification, at least the required number of original signatures must be submitted, and the sheets must be numbered;

5)      Please include a cover letter stating the number of signatures being submitted;

6)      The deadline to submit signatures is no later than 5:00pm on August 7, 2013;

7)      The required number of valid signatures is 3,474;

8)      Please review the instructions with your circulators.  It is important that only one circulator collect and sign on a sheet, and that the sheet is signed and dated by the circulator after the last signature on that sheet is collected (even if there is only one signature on the sheet).  If a circulator wants to collect additional signatures, he/she should use another sheet.


Oregon law (ORS 249.870) states that the number of signers on a recall petition is 15% of the total votes cast in the electoral district for all candidates for Governor at the most recent election at which a candidate for Governor was elected to a full term.

There were 23,158 votes cast for candidates for Governor in Klamath County in the 11/2/10 gubernatorial election.  Therefore, 3,474 valid signatures are required to place a countywide recall on the ballot.


  • The Chief Petitioner has 90 days after filing the prospective recall petition to submit signatures.


  • Signature verification must be completed within 10 days after submission.


  • A public officer has 5 days to resign or submit a Statement of Justification following the day the petition is certified.


  • A recall election must be held within 35 days after the resignation period has expired.


Commissioner Linthicum responded to the news of the recall petition saying, "A recall petition is part of the process. As an elected official, you have to be willing to stand on your principles and If people get upset over your principles, they have the right to try to recall you."


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